Oil Paintings and Giclee prints on canvas by Tom Lucas are on display through May 9, 2015.

A Wyoming artist, Tom Lucas has dedicated the past forty years engaged in the pursuit of painting distinctive western art. Tom has a natural ability and intimate understanding of his subject matter, which allows him to paint and express his creative nature, whether it be wildlife or western subjects.

Inspired by childhood memories of Charlie Russell, Tom has always had a deep desire to create art of the Western culture. His lifestyle as a cowboy, mountain man, hunter, trapper and outdoorsman serves as the ultimate foundation for his art. Tom’s passion for being creative waits to be fulfilled by his next canvas. His life experience lends validity to his artwork; he paints with emotion while capturing a culture or lifestyle.
Tom’s interest in ancestral tool making has led to being featured in the PBS documentary films, Sheep Eaters: Life in the Mountains and Archers of the Yellowstone. Known as Tomahawk Tom in the Mountain Man arena, Tom has mastered replicating Indian artifacts such as bighorn sheep bows, war bonnets, beaded clothing and shoes, horn spoons, knives, and arrowheads. He uses them as subjects in his paintings, and his replicas are on exhibit in museums throughout Wyoming. In 2015, Tom Lucas was honored by the Wyoming Arts Council and received the Governor’s Art Award for Folk Art.
“It is said that art is a statement of a current time and place. My art takes me to a past time and place, one filled with artifacts and history. Telling stories with my oil paintings is an emotional journey that is a direct reflection of my life experiences. I have amassed a collection of Native American and cowboy artifacts, and have an unmatched working knowledge of ancestral tool making methods. These items and their history are subjects in my still life paintings, and I arrange compositions to tell a story.”
Having mastered his technique and style, Tom maintains a library full of research materials and art books by his favorite artists: Charles Russell, Carl Rungius, Bob Kuhn, Ken Carlson, Nicolas Fechin, Harley Brown and David Leffel. Their works inspire him daily.
Tom lives near the Wind River Mountains with his wife Tammy who stands by his side in all his endeavors. They spend most of the year in Dubois, Wyoming. Tom is part owner of Silver Sage Gallery in Dubois, where he shows his paintings and replicas. For more information please visit his website, www.tomlucas.us