Dubois Library features the artwork of Gary Keimig during the month of February.


Gary Keimig is the featured artist at Dubois Library this month.

Gary is a Wyoming native born to a pioneer ranching family. As a child, he spent a great deal of time sketching and painting, and had opportunities of working in the outdoor wilds of Wyoming - all the while, observing the state's wonderful wildlife and its varied forms of landscapes.

His college education was in art and biology, particularly as it applies to wildland habitats.

Gary's art reflects his interest and love for the Rocky Mountain landscape and its inhabitants. He is particularly interested in wild places, in light and texture and how those ingredients affect objects in their environments. He is challenged by minute design that can be incorporated into a painting. He says, "I am touched by both the awesomeness and simple spirit of nature, and consider my work successful when the viewer is equally touched and in return catches a glimpse of that enduring spirit of wilderness and meaning within themselves."

Gary has won many awards regionally and nationally for his work, and has had work published in magazines, books and periodicals. His work is sold through a number of reputable galleries, and through his home studio in Dubois, Wyoming.

Many of his paintings may be viewed on his website, garykeimig.com.