Regular Card: Fremont County residents age 16 and over can get a regular card by presenting a valid driver’s license or photo ID issued by a state or federal authority. If the current local mailing address is NOT on the photo ID an additional proof of a local mailing address* is required, for example:

  • A piece of mail delivered to the resident’s mailing address within the last 30 days
  • A pay stub issued within the last 30 days that includes the applicant’s mailing address
  • Rental or lease contract

A regular card expires two years from the date of issue.

*A local mailing address may be a valid local area P.O. Box

Temporary Card: Applicants who have a valid driver’s license or photo ID issued by a state or federal authority, but who cannot provide proof of a current local mailing address will receive a temporary card and can borrow a maximum of two items at a time. A temporary card expires six months from the date of issue. A temporary card will be converted to a regular card when proof of a current local mailing address is provided.

Children’s and Youth Card: Parent/s or legal guardian/s must first fill out the Parent/Legal Guardian Permission card and verify the local Fremont County mailing address of their minor child before a card will be issued.

Business/Nonprofit Borrower’s Card: Businesses and nonprofit organizations located within Fremont County are eligible for a public library business/nonprofit borrower’s card.

  • In order to receive a business/nonprofit borrower’s card, a brief letter of request on company letterhead must be submitted along with the completed application form. The authorized person who signs the application form must show identification and his/her name will be added to the record alongside the name of the business. Persons authorized to sign for the business card must be the owner, manager, or fiscal officer and will be considered the custodian of the card.
  • One card will be issued to the business/nonprofit. The business/nonprofit will be responsible for all materials borrowed.
  • If the business/nonprofit has a change of address or phone number, or the card is lost, the library must be notified immediately.
  • All regulations of the Fremont County Library System apply to the business/nonprofit borrower’s card
  • Business/nonprofit Borrower’s Cards are valid for two years. Cards will be renewed pending confirmation of business/nonprofit’s name, address, and contact person.

All Library cards are issued free and can be used in ANY county within Wyoming. The Fremont County Library System will adhere to the state’s WYLD card borrowing policy.