Public meeting rooms are available at all The Fremont County Library System locations.  Library and FCLS Friends and Foundation activities take precedence over other uses.  Activities that interfere with normal Library functions are not permitted.  Meeting rooms are not for private use, regularly scheduled on-going events or commercial purposes.  Authors and performers presenting an FCLS sponsored event may sell related material at the event.  Library facilities are not available on Sundays. The Fremont County Library System does not advocate or endorse any viewpoints expressed in meetings or by meeting room users.

Users must read all applicable policies and procedures and sign an acknowledgement form before reserving a meeting room.  Users are liable for loss or damage to Library property caused by their negligence or improper use of equipment or the facility.  Users must agree to hold the Library harmless for any and all physical injury and damage or loss of personal property.  Any admission fees required for programs will be charged to attendees on a cost-recovery basis with no intent to profit.  An administrative fee of $25 will be charged for non-Library sponsored events that take place during non-operating hours.  The Library reserves the right to cancel use of a meeting room and/or to substitute facilities.



Meeting rooms are used for programs sponsored by the Library, Library Board of Directors, Friends of the Library and other library and government related organizations.  When library activities are not occupying the rooms, other groups may use the rooms for lawful, non-commercial purposes.

Fremont County Library System Meeting Room Capacity

  • Community Room —  40 people, includes after hours use


  • Carnegie Room  — 100 people, includes after hours use
  • Conference Room A – 40 people, includes after hours use
  • Conference Room B — 40 people, includes after hours use
  • Children’s Theater  — 50 people, includes after hours use


  • Community Room — 138 people, includes after hours use
  • Children’s Theater — 40 people
  • Multi-Purpose Room — 15 people


General Conditions

  • Users are responsible for room set-up and operation of all necessary equipment; users should reserve the equipment, turning off any equipment used and schedule training with the appropriate staff member prior to the meeting.
  •  The following equipment may be available for public use in the meeting rooms:
    Videocassette/DVD player, TV, opaque projector, overhead projector, microphones, microwave, coffee pots, refrigerator, tables, chairs, piano, conference phone (non-toll calls only).
  • Youth groups may use FCLS meeting rooms if an adult user representative is present at all times.
  • Refreshments are permitted but users must furnish their own equipment and leave the area clean.
  • No open flames or other potential fire hazards are permitted
  • Material may not be attached to any part of an FCLS facility except at the direction of authorized Library staff.
  • Users must provide 24-hour notice when canceling their room reservation.
  • CWC, UW and GED classes may be scheduled subject to prior approval by the Library Branch Manager.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on FCLS property, smoking is not allowed in any FCLS facility.
  • Pianos must remain covered and protected if they are not scheduled for use.

Conditions for Use During Non-operating Hours

  • Meeting rooms can be scheduled before or after regular library hours; meetings cannot start earlier than 8:00 a.m. and must be concluded by 10:00 p.m.
  • A user representative must pick up a key during regular library hours.
  • Users are responsible for the following:
    • Pick up and bag any and all trash or debris
    • Return furniture and equipment to proper location, doors and windows to pre-meeting state
    • Confirm that all attendees have left the premises – including restrooms
    • Lock outside door/s securely
    • Place the key in the envelope provided and return it through the Library’s book drop